Earth Water People consultants have a unique range of skills and experience in Australia and the Pacific, combining scientific technical expertise with skills and experience in communication for social change and development, community engagement and social impact as well as capacity building and training. 

EWP consultants have worked in water supply and sustainable water management as well as communication for development and social change across many different levels- from working with international agencies and national government on climate change adaptation, to working with the national water utility on urban water supply, working with international NGOs and government on rural water supply projects.

EWP works closely with partners and communities to deliver projects that suit the local context. We also work to strengthen existing knowledge and transfer skills and expertise, ensuring that projects and programs can be socially and environmentally sustainable. 

Current projects

An on-ramp to the new digital economy in the Solomon Islands

EWP is partnering with Hitnet, Field Ready and Further Arts on this project to deliver two wifi media kiosks to two sites in the Solomon Islands. Earth Water People is working on the Content Development, Community Engagement and Social Impact for this project, and scoping is currently underway to determine the two sites.

Urban Groundwater Monitoring and Assessments in Honiara

40% of Honiara’s groundwater comes from groundwater bores, with plans to increase the coverage of population being supplied by groundwater from 60% to 90% by 2050. EWP has been working with the national water utility, Solomon Water, to institute a groundwater monitoring program to assess current groundwater yields and capacity and to undertake 

groundwater assessment of potential bore sites to supply current and future water demands for the city. This has included capacity building and training of staff on ongoing water monitoring and maintenance. 

Past projects

Rural Water Supply in Malaita and Guadalcanal

EWP has been working with Caritas Australia to supply water to two schools in Malaita and Guadalcanal province. This has included water survey, water supply assessment and system design as well as technical assistance and staff training and mentoring while building the system and community engagement and training around system maintenance. 

Water Resource Assessments for Climate Change Adaptation

As part of the Solomon Islands Water Sector Adaptation Project (SIWSAP), EWP worked with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Solomon Islands Government to undertake water resource assessments in 6 sites across the Solomon Islands, from major tourist towns to small coral atolls. These assessments were used to inform climate change vulnerability assessments and to plan and implement climate change adaptation measures in these communities. These actions aimed to protect the communities’ water sources in the face of possible climate change impacts such as droughts, sea level rise and variable rain patterns now and into the future. This project included capacity building and training of Government staff in groundwater resource assessment methodologies.